Hans Weijs Motorsport Ice Experience: your step to the next level.

For drivers who think their development has come to a stand still Hans Weijs Motorsport offers a solution. In order te be able to step up a level sometimes outside help can be very usefull. Hans Weijs Motorsport offers just that help in close cooperation with the Anders Kullang Driving school in Sweden. Every year in January it is possible to gain a wealth of experience during an ice training in Sweden supervised by Hans Weijs Junior and the very experienced instructors of the Anders Kullang Driving School.

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During the ice experience the focus is on car control in difficult and slippery circumstances while still driving as efficient as possible to maintain the highest possible speed. This training is also very suitable for driving on gravel and other loose surfaces. A number of Dutch and international drivers have already had a lot of profit from the Hans Weijs Motorsport Ice Experience. A few examples are South African driver Henk Lategan, KNAF Talent First drivers Mats van den Brand, Kevin Kooijman and Leo van der Eijk, BMW 1M Coupe driver Wouter Ploeg and Ford Fiesta shoot out qualifier Kevin van Deijne.

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Prodrive Rallyschool By Hans Weijs, Kevin Abbring, Kevin Kooijman

In close cooperation with Prodrive Training and Dutch top drivers Kevin Abbring (2014 factory driver with Peugeot Sport in the ERC) and Kevin Kooijman (KNAF Talent First driver and 2012 Nissan 350Z champion) Hans Weijs Junior is the designated person to get your rally license.

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During a 4 day course you will be trained theoretically and practically to be a rallydriver. Training locations are the Prodrive Trainingcenter RDW in Lelystad and the Eurocircuit in Valkenswaard.

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Event coaching

Hans Weijs Motorsport will try its very best to get the best result possible and get the best performance out of the driver. That is why customers of Hans Weijs Motorsport are coached with tips and tricks by Hans Weijs Junior during the events.

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