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To replace the BMW 130i Cup cars of which Dayvtec has a number of driving, Dayvtec now comes with Hans Weijs Motorsport with the new 2 series. The goal was to create a replacement for the BMW 130i. The car must be innovative, affordable and easy to maintain. The target group is the customer who drives track days, DRDO or DNRT. Dayvtec has chosen as base for the BMW M240i with paddleshift from BMW Netherlands that supplies the new cars for this project. The car is equipped with a welded roll cage from VA Motorsport Engineering according to the FIA ​​rules and certified by the KNAF.

All sheet metal is replaced by polyester lightweight components developed by Dayvtec. The side and rear windows are made of lexane to further reduce the weight. The necessary adjustments are made by motor and the software is custom developed. The power has been increased from 340hp / 500Nm to 410hp / 600Nm. The gearbox software has been rewritten by Dayvtec in such a way that the paddles respond to every gear shift question within a few milliseconds. The rear axle is equipped with a cooled Drexler plate lock with angles to create optimal grip. Road holding is optimized by installing an AST Suspension 5100 shock / spring set with adjustable bump & rebound. The front brake discs and calipers are enlarged to AP6320 calipers and 380mm large AP discs. The ABS unit software has been rewritten by Dayvtec to create better braking performance.

Aerodynamically, the car is equipped with a splitter and rear wing to generate the necessary downforce. Inside the car we find the AIM MXS 5 inch dashboard with data logging capacity. The car has now passed the necessary test kilometers and the results have far exceeded the target! At Circuit Zandvoort we realized a lap time of 1:46. What our new 2 series positions between the TCRs and GT4s for a fraction of the price!

Calender 2021:

Due to the Covid-19 virus everything is unclear, the calendar for season 2021 consists the seven races above.

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