Hans Weijs Motorsport offers a solution for drivers who want to rely on a professional team to run their campaign or lack funding and time to establish a full service crew.

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The Nijmegen based outfit is your one stop shop for arrive and drive rallying. Thanks to our long term experience in preparing and running of rallycars Hans Weijs Motorsport is able to assist customers with a complete package ranging up to full spec WRC cars. this offers you the chance to focus on driving the car the best you can.

The arrive and drive packaging as set up by Hans Weijs Motorsport includes trained personnel, engineers, service equipment, hospitality oppurtunities, coaching by Hans Weijs Junior during the event and pre-event testing and coaching.

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The only thing a Hans Weijs Motorsport customer has to do is arrive, change into a race suit and concetrate on driving the car. The Hans Weijs Motorsport team takes care of everything else.